Bedwetting Videos

Jack's Video
It’s not Jack’s fault that he wets the bed, but he thinks it is. Sometimes, he feels embarrassed and isolated, his confidence can be affected. Because he is tired his schoolwork suffers as well. Help is at hand. Your doctor can determine the likely cause and the appropriate treatment for your child. Don’t let wet nights cloud your child’s day. Bedwetting can be treated – talk to your doctor.

Bedwetting in Children
How common is bedwetting? Up to 15% of children aged
5 years frequently wet their beds. After allergic disorders, bedwetting is the most common chronic condition.
What are the causes of bedwetting? Bedwetting is best considered as a condition that may result from a combination of three different predisposing factors. If you have any questions regarding your condition please talk to your doctor.

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*ranked by Healthcare Professionals for the management of bedwetting in children1
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1. Myint M et al. J Pediatr Urol 2016;12:112e1-112e6