My Dryness Tracker

This App is designed for individuals being treated for bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis), or who plan to see a healthcare professional about the condition.

This App includes:

  • A bedwetting checklist
  • Day-time and night-time voiding diaries
  • Alarm therapy progress tracker
  • Desmopressin progress tracker - restricted access
  • Treatment progress reports
  • The ability to print and email reports
  • WetAlert® enuresis alarm ordering facility

Download the App from the links provided below:
Google Play or the App Store.

My Dryness Tracker App
*ranked by Healthcare Professionals for the management of bedwetting in children1
My Dryness Tracker App

1. Myint M et al. J Pediatr Urol 2016;12:112e1-112e6