About bedwetting

How common is bedwetting? 1

Bedwetting is one of the most common childhood medical conditions 1
Did you know that in a class of 30 children aged:

  • 5 years - 5 wet the bed
  • 7 years - 2 wet the bed
  • 12 years - 1 wets the bed
  • 15 years - 1 child in every 2 classes wets the bed

Bedwetting often runs in families 1

  • If one parent had bedwetting as a child, there's a 40% chance that their child will also wet the bed
  • If both parents had bedwetting as children, there's a 77% risk that their child will also wet the bed

Reference: 1. Caldwell P and Ng C. Med Today 2008:9:16-24.

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*ranked by Healthcare Professionals for the management of bedwetting in children1
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1. Myint M et al. J Pediatr Urol 2016;12:112e1-112e6